Rwenzori Childcare is a community charity project that is responsible for social, healthy, educational and economic well-being of orphans, needy and disabled children. It is a direct initiative of Weismann Expeditions Foundation (WEFO).  Weismann Expeditions Foundations (WEFO) established Rwenzori Childcare project after carrying out a comprehensive feasibility study whose findings indicated that most of the orphans, disabled and needy children in the area are denied with social facilities. These denials result into school dropouts, early marriages, child abuse, moral decay and thus anti- social behaviors like smoking, buzzing, and defilement leading to social disharmony in the area.

Secondly, the  region being  characterized by the large number of orphans, children in need and disabled, most of the children are  living in foster families with guardians whose support is limited to only accommodation and food but still this support has conditions attached which makes children to work as slaves in order not to be denied.  Rwenzori Childcare project takes care in helping the children with school fees, scholastic materials, and food during school hours, school uniforms and usual clothing, medical care, and clean water. In addition, “Weismann Expeditions Foundation (WEFO)” has established a nursery school where these children are studying from and lessons for these children in the primary school are organized by volunteers who have the helping heart to boost the children academically.

Project Mission:

Our mission is to improve the social and economic welfare of the children particularly the orphans, needy and the disabled to bring the communities into a brighter future.

Project Vision:

Our vision is to be a leading child care initiator that creates self-esteem among the orphan, needy and disabled children for community empowerment

Project Objectives
  • To sensitize and mobilize community members on need to cater for orphans, disabled and needy children
  • To create a conducive environment for the vulnerable children.
  • To link the gap between the orphans, poor disabled and the better off children.
  • To promote education among the orphans, disabled and needy children
  • To train and mobilize community members in various social aspects.
  • To promote Games and sports among the children
  • To provide health facilities closer to the children that needs them.

 Project activities:

  • Community sensitization.
  • Games and sports among the children.
  • Hygiene and nutrition.
  • Healthy and sanitation.