Project background

The Kasese community clean water supply project was started in February 2019 as Kasese Relief project. Since its establishment, 80 households have benefited from the project. Kasese community clean water supply project plays vital roles in addressing disaster and extending water services to the poor people in an effort for sustainable development through increased access to safe clean water supply and sanitation strategies. Kasese community clean water supply project as a learning project through Weismann Expeditions Foundation (WEFO) has also consistently renovated itself to respond to the changing needs safe clean water of the communities’ and demands of the internal and external environment by working in close collaboration with the government, donors, communities, CBOs and the grass-roots public institutions.


Problem statement.

Kasese district is one of the areas in western Uganda that is rich with plenty of water sources and many water catchment areas that make it unique from other areas. Water being a necessity for life, unfortunately not all water is safe for human consumption because most of the water sources are very open and of which various human activities such as dam construction, settlement, farming and industrialization are taking place making the water unsafe.  Water from contaminated sources cause numerous diseases and untimely death. The fact that human beings need water and cannot live without it, they are forced  to use it even from unsafe sources for drinking purposes  as the result many people suffer or die of  water borne diseases. The situation is worse in Kasese and the whole Rwenzori region. In addition, access to water supply and sanitation is a fundamental need and a human right. Access to good water for the poor is a key factor in improving health and economic productivity and therefore an essential component of any effort to alleviate poverty (WHO/ UNICEF Global water supply and sanitation assessment report, 2001). However, access to water and quality sanitation services in Kasese and Rwenzori region in particular is very low. This is mainly due to financial constraint and delay of infrastructure development in the project areas.

Project Vision

Our vision is To construct permanent, reliable and sufficient safe water supplies for the rural people  within reasonable distances from their homes

Project Mission

Our mission is; To supply communities with safe drinking water at its highest form of purity to locals to make them healthy and enthusiastic.

Project Objectives
  • To improve water supply, reliability and quality in Kasese
  • To protect and improve watershed health and function
  • To provide permanent safe drinking water security in Kasese
  • To enable communities to monitor and maintain surveillance on drinking water sources
  • Promote Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability
  • To create, protect, enhance and maintain environmental resources and habitats
Targeted Beneficiaries.

Kasese community clean water supply project aims to improve the safe clean water situation of 700 households of the poor rural people in Kasese district in Rwenzori region. The communities in this district are currently suffering from chronic health problems due to lack of access to clean and adequate water, sanitation and hygiene education that in turn results in poor economic status. The project will address these key needs, which form the basis of all development through participatory, inclusive and effective means to bring about the life changing project purposes.