Weismann Expeditions Foundation is a community based, non profit making organization operating in Uganda. It was known as Rwenzori childcare initiative before the name changed to Weismann Expeditions Foundation (WEFO) in 2016. WEFO is a direct initiative for Weismann Safaris& Expeditions- Uganda, a company registered and certified by the registrar of companies and licensed principally to provide tours and travel services in Uganda.

Our involvement in community programs and long time experience of working with people at the grass root yielded an idea to integrate other categories of people into our programs to extend our helping hand to not only the children but a larger community referring to the different information and concerns got from the public .

Most people especially in the rural areas have little or no access to better facilities and ability to provide the basic necessities to their families. This is because the rural people have not considerably been involved in decision making process for the socio- economic programs or even in the strategic development plans that would give them an opportunity to present their pressing needs and challenges. In most cases, economic projects are directed to the urban people, leaving rural people poor, needy with poor standards of living, poor health. The tough living standards also make it hard for the orphans and other marginalized groups to get other requirements like good Education.
Similarly the failure to consider their interests results into a general lack of a sense of belonging to even protect the environment and end up encroaching on the protected areas to survive.
After identifying the local Community as the focal point and the direct people with which to mitigate the social and escalating environmental challenges, promote development of community tourism for a sustainable livelihoods WEFO therefore seeks to integrate a broader bottom-up approach to enhance the community involvement in conservation strategies of natural resources, preservation of traditional culture, build social income generating incomes for long term collective benefits.


To strengthen the potential of the local community for rural transformation and empower the vulnerable persons become responsible citizens



To build social capital for collective benefits and sustainable livelihoods